Tool Regrinding

In the course of development, Zhengzuan paid great attention to the protection of ecological environment, advocated green development, focus on the recycling of non-renewable resources, and make the environmental consciousness run through each process of product researching, development, production and grinding.

Zhengzuan has the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, advocating green dry cutting, Zhengzuan can complete multi process through composite tool with non-standard customization tool advantage. Meanwhile reducing nonrenewable resources consumption customer costs greatly.

Zhengzhou Diamond Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

We also provide regrinding service. Especially for complex PCD/PCBN tools with edge broken and abrasion which caused serious waste of resources due to failure or even scrapped during the production. The used tools can be rebuilt as new tool to start their life again through multi regrinding and re tipping so that customer can save the tool cost and reduce nonrenewable resources consumption.

Zhengzuan has a professional tool regrinding team, advanced equipment and perfect inspection instruments which can provide good regrinding services for the end-users.
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