Technical support

With the continuous update of production model and new part materials, cutting tools have become an important technological factor in manufacturing optimizing. In the process of production, the cutting tool's accuracy, cutting speed and tool life directly affects the production rate, processing time, and even the final production efficiency of the production line. Zhengzuan provides technical services at earliest time to solve technical problems when customers suffer technical trouble for cutting technology.

Zhengzhou Diamond Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Service team

Zhengzuan has more than 50 engineers who have more than 10 years of experience for cutting tool application, they are professional technical support team of domestic super hard tool industry.

It represents the first-class technical service level in the cutting tool industry

They come from the automobile engine production line, or from the automobile, aircraft and other large manufacturing enterprises which they ever did as main technical engineer, they have much experience in technology and the application of the tool (including hard alloy).

Zhengzhou Diamond Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Service procedure


    Door to door tech service


    Optimizing solution of manufacturing


    Production delivery


    Continuous optimizing for tool reconditioning


    Cutting tool research


    Trail products improvement
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