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the eighth Symposium on Super hard tool Technology and Application of Zhengzuan was successfully held

September 19, 2019

On September 6, the eighth seminar on super hard tool technology and application was held in Zhengzuan. More than 50 user representatives from automobile engine, parts manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers attended the meeting.

The theme of this seminar is "Co-creation and win-win situation". There are two bright spots in this symposium. One is the introduction of single crystal rolling cutter, PCBN mold milling cutter, PCD polishing cutter and matching tools for CVT gearbox pulley machining for the first time for users, in which the inner and outer ball groove cutting wheels in the pulley structure are the first innovative achievements in the field of Zhengzuan and grinding tools. This product is also one of the key technologies to solve the difficult problem of processing pulley of CVT gearbox in our country, and fills the gap in this field at the same time.

The second is the sharing and exchange of automobile processing cases and aviation material cutting cases. Including automobile transmission system, steering system, transmission system machining cases, aviation composite cutting cases and so on. These cases are all from the customer production site, with very typical representatives, and the technical optimization, the process of structural innovation and the improved test comparison data proposed in the case are also presented in the explanation. This form of sharing can fully trigger the representatives of the meeting to exchange feedback combined with the technical problems of the enterprise, and the final free exchange discussion link once again pushed the meeting to the most exciting part.

It explains the significance of this seminar.

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