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Tool logistics management of Sandvik Coromant

January 03, 2015

In many processing operations, operators have 20% of the time to find the right tool. 15% of the scheduled jobs were halted or delayed because of the lack of proper tools. Up to 60% of inventory tools are usually outdated. About 80% of the products in conventional stock are used only twice a year. Poor analysis of tool logistics can lead to higher costs.

Sandvik Coromant's research shows that even in the very competitive and technologically advanced factory, when to seek how to improve the production efficiency, they will also ignore the tool inventory problem.

Unnecessary high inventory levels can negatively affect your cost of money. Why put your money on the shelf? Wouldn't it better to change the over-supplied tools to the one that is always in short supply?

Solution: control inventory

Sandvik Coromant company offers a tool logistics solution, including a common open inventory solution and a comprehensive inventory control solution. Improving tool logistics means improving efficiency. Controlling inventory will help customers significantly reduce inventory and reduce procurement costs.

Sandvik Coromant AutoTAS software control all the cutting tools used in the workshop. This software can be used in combination with vending machines, complete control of inventory, and can be used separately or integrated in our ordering system.

No matter the customer chooses the open stock cutter logistics solution without authorized control of Sandvik Coromant; There is also a large number of tools to choose from drawer/flip tool logistics solutions. Or get a tool to facilitate the comprehensive control of spiral cutter logistics solutions, can effectively control the inventory level and improve the utilization efficiency of the inventory, and minimizing management costs.

If the customer can fully control the tool stock, only 50% of the machine tools can increase to 95% utilization. Customers will spend less time finding the right tools and minimize downtime. In addition, customers can eliminate order errors by automating functions to make the workflow work better and more efficiently.

In conclusion, when using the complete set of tool logistics solutions of Sandvik Coromant, it can help customers reduce their net operating funds by 40%.
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