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To meet the requirement of customers —Zhengzuan tools provides a new impetus for automotive industry development

January 03, 2015

The current national economic development has entered a new normality. The development index of domestic industry economy keeps moderate development. PCDI is being increased constantly. Government work report in 2017 shows that PCDI in 2016 was actually increased of 6.3%. With the continuous rising of PCDI, resident consumption will be further increased. Domestic auto sales have a continuous growth year after year. According to the data which China Automobile Industry Association, the sales of domestic passenger cars has been more than 24 million in 2016 for the first time which has a year-on-year growth of 14.9%. The local brand passenger car sales for the first time also exceeded ten million which has a year on year growth of 20.50%.

The automobile engine is an important part of car. According to the China automobile industry association data, in the year 2016, under the condition of vehicle sales growth, domestic car engines were manufactured and sold with totally quantity of 25.1598 million and 25.0626 million. 15.15% and 14.32% is increased respectively over the same period of last year cumulative production and sales. However, due to the market competition and the overall economic environment, although the production and sales for vehicle and engine is increased continuously, manufacturer’s profits have not been actual increased; the overall business performance has not been significantly improved. In this case, how to change in product sales prices, maintain the stability and enhance the quality of existing products, reduce manufacturing costs, improve product profit space has become the most urgent demand for manufacturing enterprises.

High efficiency and precision machining technology which is brought from super hard tool material is considered as the key basic material and technology for CNC machine tool. It was incorporated into the four basic industrial development directories (2016 Version). As an important part of the national strong industrial base project, the realization of power in China made 2025 of the planning objectives. The manufacturing process of automobile engine involves a large number of machine tool cutting processes, especially in the bore processing and surface milling process, the tools needs to be consumed with a large quantity, therefore, engine manufacturers always focus the improvement for tool quality and tools’ overall cost performance. A lot of super hard cutting tools are still depend on importation as importation tools has long history for the application of engine. They have been used for a wide range of application in auto industry since long time ago. Most of manufacturing companies are still using the importation tools. But the high cost of imported products and delayed service greatly increase the manufacturing costs of enterprises; reduce the business profits, hindering the development of enterprise. So, developing the local brand super hard tool to replace the imported tools with same quality, meanwhile, reducing the tool cost and improving the service quality to obtain the high cutting value has become the actual demand of domestic automotive engine manufacturer and machine tool industry.

Zhengzuan is specialized in super hard tool industry for 20 years, the products have achieved good market response in the field of automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, precision electronics, medical instruments, ultra precision machining area, especially in the field of automotive engine manufacturing, products have covered more than 95% of the domestic automobile engine manufacturers. In order to meet the market demand, Zhengzuan continues to invest for R&D activities. Through many years of tool industry experience, Zhengzuan designed and produced different kinds of valve guide and seat tools, surface milling tool and boring tools which is used for machining the complicated parts. Through the supply of products and services of high quality, Zhengzuan meets the actual demand of the manufacturing enterprises in the course of engine parts machining.

The machining of valve seat bush and valve guide directly affects the index of engine power and exhaust emissions. The finishing guide reamer which is designed by Zhengzuan can achieve precision machining for guide hole and taper surface of seat. High precision makes the machining process much more efficient. The cutter blade is brazed by PCD material. In contrast to the conventional alloy coating tool, PCD tool has more wear-resistant. The hole after machining is consistent. Zhengzuan tool adopted RTS connection which can be changeable through small taper shank. The tools can be replaced quickly. At the same time, using the handle of the positioning conical surface and an end face, assembled on the seat chamfer inserts, the PCD edge run out can can reach within 0.003mm. The material of tool blank is solid carbide which ensures the rigidity of the cutting tool is enough. This tool can be repaired for many times through re tipping when the PCD edge is wearable or chipping. Tool utilization rate is improved by this way. ; Valve seat machining is made by PCBN boring inserts, the tool life and machining quality can be further improved. The processing life of the product can reach thousands of pieces, and the durability is increased by nearly ten times compare with the same kind of carbide tool. The production cost is reduced greatly.

Tappet hole, spark plug, nozzle hole and other parts are difficult to be machined in the manufacturing process of engine. Engine manufacturing enterprises do need special high precision machining tools for these kind parts which are difficult to machine. Zhengzuan designed different fine reamer and boring tool which are specialized in machining of tappet hole, spark plug hole and nozzle hole. These special designs can effectively enhance the level of difficult machining parts and help manufacturer to solve practical problem of machining.

The tappet hole is one of the key processing of the engine cylinder head. The tappet is used to do high-speed reciprocating movement in the tappet hole. It is an important component of assembling unit. It is a very important which affect the overall performance of engine. Because of the tappet hole generally located in the middle part of the cylinder block, and it is limited by the shapes of the top surface of cylinder block which is over the tappet hole. Generally this position has to be machined from the bottom of cylinder block. So the surface roughness of the tappet hole, cylindricity and straightness has higher requirements. Zhengzuan tappet hole finishing tool effectively reduce the axial force by the axial rake structure, make the whole cutting process is more brisk; using unequal distance of teeth structure, effectively avoid the cutting trace, the cutting process more smoothly; the cutting edge run out can be controlled less than 0.003mm, the processing dimension is more accurate. The inner cooling system makes chipping removal more smoothly. The tool life has a further improvement. . At the same time, Zhengzuan developed a tool with indexable inserts. The insets can be replaced and adjusted easily. And also improve the precise design oriented structure to ensure the machining is more stable; the flange connection structure can be adapted by different HSK and BT holder.

Regarding to the milling process of cylinder head surface, Zhengzuan designed and manufactured MFAC30 and MFAC31 series products which have PCD milling cartridge with aluminum cutter body. This series of products are made of high strength aluminum alloy. The perfect combination of high strength and light body material with PCD cutting edge provides favorable conditions for high speed and high efficiency machining. Face milling cutter adopted adjustable design which run out of diameter is not more than 0.003mm so that stability of cutting accuracy can be guaranteed. Meanwhile, the inner coolant design prolongs the tool life. Customers purchasing cost of tools is reduced effectively through the design of assembling clamping structure, replaceable milling cartridge which can be resharpened, recyclable cutter body and so on.

Through the development and application of the above products, not only enhances the Zhengzuan‘s market competitiveness, but also greatly enhance the competitiveness of domestic superhard cutting tools in the field of automotive engine manufacturing. Meanwhile, the development of national auto also promoted positively.

The automotive industry is complex system engineering, and its development often represents the level of science and technology of a country manufacturing industry. In the course of rapid development of China auto industry, the domestic auto manufacturers have more expectations for the national brand of cutting tools. Domestic enterprises hope that tool suppliers not only provide high performance tools, cutter holder and machine tool connecting parts but also provide integrated solutions with timely and effective technical support. The relationship between suppler and customer is a partner who has a widely cooperation together. facing the development require of the manufacturing enterprise, Zhengzuan is always in developing of new products, improving products quality at the same time according to years of experience, developed a complete tool products perfect solution, using its own network of services throughout the country, provide personal product application and management services to the customers.

In the future, with the further restructuring of the manufacturing industry, the industry pattern of superhard materials will be gradually clear. Accompanied by the severe challenges in the process of development must be more opportunities. Zhengzuan is willing to be grateful attitude to meet customer demand, through the benign development cycle of new requirements, new supply and new power; Zhengzuan will provide higher cutting value for customers and work together to create a development situation of mutual benefit.
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