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The sixth Symposium on Technology and Application of Super-hard cutting tools was successfully held in Zhengzuan

July 31, 2017

From July 13 to 14, the sixth Symposium on Technology and Application of Super hard cutting tools (TASCT 2017), sponsored by Zhengzhou Diamond Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was held in Zhengzhou headquarters as scheduled.

This meeting is attended by more than 20 tool application enterprises and media from the industry. With the theme of "accumulating steps with one heart and walking thousands of miles" as the research theme, this paper reviews the wind and rain course that Zhengzuan has gone through together with customers in the past 20 years, and with the development of the industry, the change of market demand and the technological upgrading of Zhengzuan products, the latest products of the company are launched, the puzzles and problems encountered by tool application enterprises in on-site processing and production are jointly analyzed, and the solutions to the problems are discussed and sorted out. It shows the product advantage and technical service ability of Zhengzuan.
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