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TECMA 2017 Mexico fair, Zhengzuan provides customers with quality services

March 15, 2017

Zhengzuan participated in the Mexico International Machine Tool Exhibition on March 7-10, in Mexico City to show the world our company's strong super hard tool product strength and excellent supporting technical solutions. At the 20th anniversary of the design of Zhengzuan booth, attracted a large number of customers around the consultation, among them, PCD/PCBN standards and non-standard blades, grooves, milling cutters are the most concerned products.

PCD/PCBN standard blade has obvious advantages in machining efficiency, cutting speed and wear resistance. and its tool service life is 5-10 times that of the traditional tool, and the workpiece surface roughness can be easily guaranteed within the Ra0.2 range. PCD automobile piston groove cutter in the groove cutter series is mainly used to process the piston ring groove, which has the characteristics of high precision and good wear resistance in the process of machining. The quality and technical level of PCD and PCBN milling cutter head in milling cutter series are among the highest in the industry. The cutter head material is made of high strength aluminum alloy, and its internal cooling design optimizes chip treatment, which is suitable for high efficiency surface milling, and the cutter head can be reused, which greatly reduces the cost of purchasing.
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