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Normal forms of wear for PCBN cutting tools and its solutions

January 03, 2015

When using PCBN cutting tools in machinery, both normal and abnormal causes of wear may emerge. Normal causes of wear are mainly rusting, deforming, friction, blocking, micro-chipping and spalling. These types of wear are related to each other and build on each other. Abnormal causes are improper cutting conditions and parameters, and the production mechanism not being rigid enough. There are a few ways to solve the wear and tear, and improve the durability of the cutting tools:

Wear of the cutting surface

Solutions: ① Increase the cutting speed ② Increase the feed rate ③ Increase cutting depth ④ Check whether the cutting point of the insert is centered ⑤ If the processed material is cast iron, check whether the iron content is within the appropriate range.

2. Crater wear

Solutions: ① Decrease the cutting speed ② Decrease the feed rate


Solutions: ① Increase the cutting speed ② Decrease the feed rate ③ Increase the rake angle of the tool, for example, by using a circular blade insert.


Solutions: ① Use an inverted blade or a grinding blade ② Decrease the cutting speed or use any means necessary to avoid intermittent cutting ③ Make the production mechanism more rigid ④ If intermittent cutting is inevitable, for example because the surface area contains holes or slots, this area should be chamfered ⑤ Avoid vibrations by changing the cutting speed.


Solutions: ① Reduce the cutting angle to less than 20° ② If possible, use inverse milling ③ Avoid using coolant ④ Increase the cutting speed.

6.Severe cutting edge damage

Solutions: ① Reduce the cutting depth to decrease the burden on the cutting tools.  ② Decrease the cutting speed ③Adjust the radius (as far as it can be adjusted) ④ Use chamfering or grinding inserts ⑤ Check if the inserts are installed correctly and are still intact, especially when using CBN inserts ⑥ Check whether the cutting point of the insert is centered correctly.

The successful adoption of the PCBN cutting tools is not only related to the quality of the tools, but also the entire production mechanism, such as the performance of the machines, the reliability of the clamps, the rigidity of the cutting tool holders, the choice of the inserts and the choice of the cutting parameter. All these factors affect the performance of the cutting tools. Only by using PCBN cutting tools the right way can you improve efficiency, reduce production costs and generate the most profit possible.
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