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New Product---Tooling Presetter Detection instruction for Boring tool Run-out

June 21, 2016

A new testing instrument for boring tool rod runout adjustment suitable for measuring tolerance range in class μ is introduced. Mainly used to detect the radial runout of boring tool, reamer and other cutting tools, and widely used in the measurement of shaft products and parts.

ZTS-6013 and ZTS-10015 boring tool rod runout adjustment tester, using German imported

Mahr mechanical comparator, accuracy up to 0.001 mm, radial rotation accuracy is not more than 0.002 mm, operation is extremely convenient. The instrument adopts natural granite pedestal to improve the accuracy of the datum, reduce the error of the instrument itself, and the pedestal is not rusty and easy to use and keep. The measuring head adopts the latest ceramic material, extremely wear-resistant, the back of the guide rail uses thickened high strength aluminum alloy material, at the same time the watch frame is rigid, improves the sensitivity of the measuring instrument, up and down, left and right adjustment is smooth and free, easy to operate.

Compared with the traditional horizontal pendulum instrument, the measured workpiece is placed in vertical direction, which can effectively avoid the difference of workpiece deformation when the slender workpiece is measured in flat, and the movable watch seat can be measured at any position of the instrument seat.
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