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Innovating tool design, Reducing MFG cost

January 03, 2015

With the rapid development of the auto industry, how to improve the manufacturing efficiency and reduce the manufacturing cost effectively has become the focus of attention to the customers. The research shows that replacing the traditional cutting tools with more advanced cutting tools is considered as an effective way to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency of auto manufacturing.

In the process of auto parts machining, the cost of reaming and milling occupies most of the machining cost of the whole engine parts. The reason for high cost is that first, workpiece is difficult to machine, second, traditional machining process need to be improved. The cost of traditional reaming is controlled through resharpening. However, there are three major problems in grinding: first, it is difficult to make accurate clamping in the grinding process so that the shape of cutting edges is easy to be out of tolerance; Second, repeated grinding will result in smaller diameter of the tools; third, each of regrinding will shorten the overall length of the tools.

In order to solve the problem of bore processing and reach cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, Zhengzuan has developed a series of special cutting tools for difficult bore machining. For example, the machining of valve seat and valve guide, their machining accuracy directly affects the index of power and exhaust emissions for engines.

Zhengzuan developed a series of finish cutting tools for machining of tappet hole, spark plug hole and nozzle hole can easily achieve the require of precision machining to valve seat, valve guide pressing ring and the parts after pressing. Through this solution, customer can avoid the fast wear and low machining efficiency due to repeated tools adjusting. And also guarantee the clearance tolerance between the valve and valve seat so that ensure cooling and sealing performance for valve. While, the tappet hole roughing tool realizes perfect match of heat shrinkable between carbide drill and PCD reamer.  ; 0.003 mm run out of cutting edges ensures that the tool will have a long tool life and higher machining accuracy.  The integrated structure design with drilling and reaming, provides accurate reaming orientation in the meantime of drilling; after re tipping process, the tool tolerance can be guaranteed as new tool. The machining cost is reduced under the same machining quality. The design of axial rake angle on tappet hole finishing tool reduced axial force and makes the cutting smooth. The unequal tooth structure can effectively avoid cutting trace and make the cutting more stable; meantime, the inner cooling design ensures the smooth chip removal.

Regarding to the machining of crankshaft and camshaft, Zhengzuan developed the boring tools with PCD guide pads. The special guide pads structure guarantees the accuracy and stability for boring machining.  0.003mm edge run out makes tool has good dimensional accuracy and long tool life.  Adjustable flange connection is mainly used for high precision machining for crankshaft and camshaft.

 The cylinder head and cylinder block have smooth with flat surface, which is very important for engine running. The engine manufacturers are committed to controllable and predictable surface quality class with higher production efficiency. At the same time, pursuing the maximizing tool life and minimum tooling cost in the process of each part machining.  According to customers demand, Zhengzuan developed series of milling cutter with aluminum body for milling process of cylinder had surface. The milling tool adopted innovative design to meet the request of machining quality. Meanwhile the machining efficiency is improved greatly.  The tools cost is reduced also. The series of aluminum milling cutter MFAC30 and MFAC31 are suitable for machining nonferrous material such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy as well as wood and plastic material. The milling cutter can be used for high efficiency of rough and finish surface milling process. Inner coolant design makes smooth chip removal. The cutting speed is much higher. Indexable inserts can be changeable and replaced. The cutter body is recyclable so that the tool cost will be saved.  Periphery run out of cutter can reach 0.001mm. The machining accuracy is guaranteed. Adjustment range for 2mm increased the times of regrinding. The location can be adjusted by wrench conveniently.

Another CBN milling cutter is for high speed machining of cylinder block surface. The tool adopted solid CBN indexable inserts. Comparing with the traditional carbide inserts, the surface quality and tool life is much better than traditional inserts. Innovative design makes the cutter body itself produce a certain angle so that inserts can make the cutting without clearance angle. The inserts machining become easier, quality and more secure.  The inserts life is extend greatly. The inserts adopts indexable structure design which ensures 8 corners of a square inserts can be used so that the cutting life of the inserts increased with geometric times, while the inserts can be recycled through resharpenning. The machining cost will be reduced accordingly. Due to the adoption of CBN inserts design, the cutter body can keep a high feed speed and machining RPM with same machining quality, the processing efficiency compared with the carbide inserts is more than doubled. The innovative design concept makes the cutting inserts can be adjusted in axial and radial direction.  Cutter diameter and teeth run out when the inserts are clamped can be adjusted to less 0.005mm so that each inserts which is clamped on cutter can keep same wear during machining.

In the past 20 years, Zhengzaun has always focused on cutting tool industry. The products can meet the demand of market change by innovation. Do the best quality by great care. Zhengzuan is committed to provide impeccable cutting tools for users, and work together in the forefront of production to solve the cutting problem, improve efficiency; Zhengzuan is a reliable tool expert and administrator by end-user side.
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