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2016 the fifth "Seminar on Technology and Application of Super hard cutting tools" will be opened soon.

June 02, 2016

From July 16 to 17, the fifth "Seminar on Technology and Application of Super hard cutting tools" jointly organized by Zhengzuan and Dazheng Co., Ltd. will be held in Zhengzuan as scheduled.

Zhengzuan is committed to building a communication platform between industries to promote technology exchange and sharing. At that time, the seminar will carry out in-depth exchanges around the theme of "navigating the future and achieving perfection", jointly explore new technologies and new areas of tool application, face problems and share technical solutions with you.

Adhering to the service concept of "providing products and technical services beyond customer expectations", Zhengzuan focuses on the R & D and innovation of super-hard tool technology, and applies the mature tool technology in the automotive field to the field of aviation material processing. Through continuous improvement and self-transcendence, continue to lead the innovation and development of China's super-hard tool industry.
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