Compound finish boring tool with guide pad

September 17, 2021

Applications:General tool, it has wide range of applications, maximum precision and production capacity.

Extremely high precision and machining capability, the tool rely on the guide pad in the hole direct guiding and replaceable inserts precision grinding to ensure high-quality hole machining effect.

Through the matched adjustment and clamping system to ensure the inserts seamless and better mounting in the insert groove.

Compound tool design can machining multiple holes with one tool.

The indexable inserts produced by modern manufacturing technology can be made to standard cutting edges of various shapes and non-standard forming edges structure.

The cooling and lubrication design that cooling liquid direct jetting to inserts can greatly prolong the working life and tool body life.

The design of minimum cost removable inserts and high wear resistance guide pad can get extremely high economical efficiency.

It can be used as the basis of custom special solutions for customers.
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