Drilling and reaming and countersinking tool(RDC301)

July 29, 2020

Product features:Drilling and reaming and countersinking hole

Diameter: D5-D25

Usable range:rivet hole and bolt hole on CFRP and mental laminate

Application fields: aviation industry

Drilling hole and countersinking dimple are completed once ,which save time of withdrawing tool 、exchange tool and tool transposition while guaranteeing good concentricity.

Polishing edge band can have burnishing effect on hole wall,accuracy of hole can reach IT8~IT7 level.

concentricity of drilling hole and countersinking hole can reach 0.003,edge of tool run out can reach 0.005.

With chip breaker groove design on section of countersinking edge ,which can avoid swarf winding tool and cause to lose efficacy in advance.

connecting shank is suitable for MQL.

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