PCD High-speed Milling Tool

September 06, 2021

Suitable for face milling/ side milling/ type cavity milling and profile machining

Balancing can reach G2.5 with speed n=30000r/min.

Ensure runout within 0.002 with advanced machine and reasonable process.

Raius edge can make cutting force close to axial direction, to reduce risk of tool shape change and cutting vibration with machine axial rigidity.

Design with slanting edge and big chipping slot space to ensure good effect of chipping removal and heat radiation, and reduce the cutting force to achieve high and fast cutting .

Internal coolant to ensure longer tool life and good effect of chipping removal.

Smooth and shape PCD edge to control the problem of chipping sticky.

Solid carbide body of grade with super fine granule helpful for high speed cutting.

Wiper cutting edge suitable for high speed feed of stable machining situation.

Product diameter from D6 to D32.

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